Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello May, Bye April~

Hey people sorry for not posting this days, I've been busy as usual lah. And check out my new DP for this blog cool huh? *perasaan* Well I haven't do much eh. So what I'm gonna type today? Oh yeah my relection on April 2012 firstly congrats to my sister who got a job! \(^o^)/ This pass few weeks had been a hectic ride for me. I've been so busy with all those shitty assignments & competition. Oh yeah I won the singing competition for the song Heaven by Ailee on April. Yeayy! Enen my bias change to Seungri in Big Bang. I know what happened to Song Seung Heon? Err lets just say I love this both dudes like VERY VERY MUCH. Haha this past few day I've been freaking obsessed to Big Bang. I'm like their superficial VIP! Haha ! Even in my friends have been obsessed due to my OCD haha. Vee Nee has got the fever badly. Well in gang has split which member to choose from Big Bang. I obviously Seungri, Rin has always been G-Dragon, Vee Nee? She is totally obsessed with T.O.P..Mita? She with Taeyang & Dini was forced to be with Daesungieeeee xD
Emm oh yeah mid year exam is gonna come and I haven't even study yet :'( I know I should but damn I'm so freaking lazy. GOD please give me the strength to study and finish my 4 assignment quickly :(
That it I wanna say. Don't know what to post anymore. #damn I'm getting boring :p Lets end  it with a quote.


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