Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jolly June!

Hey peeps! Mianhae for not posting a longggg time. I know no body cares. But at least you know where I'll be updating 

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Yup click those button cause I'm active in both social networks. So what is going on around me? Well I'm now enjoying  mid year school holidays! Hurrah! Mid Terms are over but I don't wanna go back to school just because I don't wanna know the result [scared...okay] . And yeah I'm still hooked with Big Bang updates a lot. I know >< I can't help it but being a silent stalker. XD Well I love them okay. I bet VIPs who are reading this thing understands me. Oh yeah I praying hard they come on a right date cause they are coming near near SPM T^T .I'm still making an ultimate decision whether or not I would sacrifice a date for them in Malaysia. Even though is freaking near to SPM. But enjoying few days before hell began [I mean't SPM] doesn't hurt right. Its just few hours of them then poof to SPM-mode.  I'll make sure this time I study hard just to see them. I just can't miss their concert. Seriously.....*sobbing* T^T I wanna go.....waeeee YG Papa, TEYDADDY, YGENT! why putting a hard decision on the 17 YEAR OLDS VIPS WHO WANTS TO SEE YOUR ALIVE TOUR CONCERT. BY PUTTING THEM NEAR2 SPM. WHYYYYY???? POSTPONE IT TO MY BDAY CAN R? PWEASEE YG PAPA >-< 

Okay complaining here won't work. I'll post more soon so wait yeah! Bye I love you! :*


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