Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dedicated To My Bestie

Hey! This time I would like to post about someone who is really important to me. She is considered one of my lifelong friend that I know since when I was Primary School and her name is Jashmiita a/p Ravindran. She and I have been lifelong besties for 8 years. Yeah 8 years take that. I first known her when I was in SK Taman Putra Perdana when I was in 3 Bestari class. I guess when I first met her she was having trouble with desk drawers then I and Mel helped her and I became her besties and that is how we met. Throughout this entire time, I was grateful to have known her because she was a great listener and she is always the humble girl. We known each other so well I bet if I was given an opportunity to write a book about her I would seriously write everything. Well knowing her wasn't all rainbows & glitters. We have our bad times too but its too little to remember.  What I think of Mita? She is my no.1 buddy in my life. She is the one I trust the most to tell my problems & secrets. I know she is the best at keeping secrets. Well I would describe Mita bad sides was she is always the crazy fanatic on something, yeah she like to be overexcited on something I knew that.. and one thing it frustrates me about Mits she ambitious but lack of confidence...when she and I combined ideas we became genius but she is always the unprepared one. -.-".. Well Mits and I shared a lot crazy memories together. We love to eat, we probably obsessed with musics, we love dancing, we shared the same passion.. Yeah I love her. I love my buddy Jashmiita she is my bestie that I would risk my life for her no matter what happens.


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