Sunday, July 1, 2012

J to the U to the L to the Y!

Hello people! I'm back I guess! Thanks for viewing my July post. 
So what has been going on in June? Well firstly I done my mission #JunePhotoADay complete.
I'm still obsessing over Big Bang that is for sure lah! I'm still saving for Big Bang Alive Tour. -.-" for one whole month I've been saving. I did my half so mum gonna do hers. 
Okay! I also went to Nilai College Biotechnology Fair. Freaking boring the only awesome thing there is just the place it was big and calm. The nature over there is awesomelah.
But before the trip happens I post something in facebook that really I need no get it out of my chest. As you all know I had a friend her name is Mellissa which you know who is my best friend. Okay for now the situation began freaking awkward with us I don't know for a while we seem close but now we're like strangers. I hate it a lot to be honest. I always cry because of it. and I did cry in the bus. I don't know why but its like when I went trough all the memories of us together. It pains me. I don't even know how it turns to be like this but I miss her. I miss the old Mell that I used to know. I felt miserable till at a point I just wanna tell her I miss her. 
Another story is Capital A asked me back.. I don't get what the fuck has gone to his mind and he is an asshole. He said he love me but then insult me. Dude Capital A you can just fuck off from my life. Who do you think you are you Casanova. You wanna get a second chance? fuck off lah dont waste your time if you kept insulting me. you jerk t-.-t If the simple thing call to find me also you cannot do. Its a clear proof that you don't even know how to use your brains and love me. you stupid fucker?!

Anyways enough of the sad point. I need to focus for my SPM  only few more months to go and I cannot wait to get my freedom after hell. After all this I have no worries anymore its just my future to adulthood. I will miss school though with all the memories there. I just don't know where to began. Umm that is lah for my July's post. Please wait for my post okay if I'm free to write one. -.-" Maybe I will post another one up later. I don't plus I can't wait for the tickers to be on SALE. 
Ok Anneyong! Chalja!


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