Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Eyes


Her blue eyes
expressed by a pair of god given vision to people 
Who deserve to see the light of world,
Have anyone wonder her emotions?
There is this girl, where her looks are as pure as a white pearl,
when she walks everyone seems to share a glance of her,
she stares down the floor hoping to not look back,
but she can't help but just look forward to see 
what lies ahead,
there is this boy, his eyes were fulled of angst,
he was blinded the soul of a vixen that was filled lust,
all she wanted a night with him solely,
and to him, the vixen was a sign of a betrayal that he sworn to keep secret.
although he woke up under with a great influence,
the vixen is was sleeping,
he woke up wondering
why all the of thing of her are missing?
Her blue eyes,
How she wish she can be blinded, 
she opened the chambers of secrets, 
to see the man whom she shared her life with,
was lying in the view of infidelity.
she won't say much,
she knew after all those unwanted moments,
she took away with her belongings,
leaving a note behind
As my life might get harder without youI think you deserved her more if you don't ever love me.
Her blue eyes collect,
the pool of tears, 
His emotions went wild,
his regrets for the night was too late,
her blue eyes was a witness,
he felt pathetic.
he knew it was too late.
he knew he deserved this.
she thinks everything happens for a reason.
and she deserved to have better.

Her blue eyes stares the starry night,
Maybe you and I were not meant to be,
Thank for the memories.

-Joey Hon-


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