Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pink Hearts~

Since Day 1- I've met them, I've never say how much I need them. 
But these are the people who meant the world to me. 
Without them, my days, my nights, my life won't be even perfect without all of these girls.
My friends all come and go. 
We become close and God told me that one day only true friends stick by your side.
I'm grateful that all these ladies stick by me.
All good times and bad times.
We fight, laughed, cried, danced, ROFL-ed, joked, do crazy things & you name it we did it.
But all of us managed to stay away from bad things.
I don't know how much more time left that we will not see each other then.
But I know we promised no matter how busy with our life. We are besties by blood.

Mita, she plays a role as my mum/sister/bestie/ everything I can ask for she is there. She always stood by me. She had so much brilliant ideas but don't dare enough to accomplish them but I know someday when she did it. She will be magnificent. She stood by me all these time and to be honest. I know Mita and I were fated to be friends for a long time.

Mellissa-She been my buddies for years, like Mita we endured those silly time together. I'm sorry for what happened to us but I will still treat you like a friend. Someday when you visit my blog and do read this. When you need a shoulder to cry on, I will be there to hug you no matter what. We promised to be BFF right? :') 

Vee Nee-She is just the sweetest girl I've met. Pencil incident that makes us grow distant in secondary school suddenly when we shifted I still wonder how we can be buddies? I'm thankful to have met you because you're the one that understands who am I. 

Dini-Horoscopes say that LEO and SAGITTARIUS can make great partners right? At first we're awkward but then when I know the real you. I think you and I have awesome friendship together. Dini,  for me you're a companion I can lean on your shoulder to cry on because you're the one comforted me during the heart times. I love your motherly instinct and I'm really grateful for that.

Airin- We are both SAGITARIUS by blood. As much of what happened between us. I know you and I have a similarities that we both shared. I don't know what are them but I think you and I know it. We are hot headed, shot tempered. I know you hold such great pain right? I'm sorry I've shouldn't have pushed you into it? I've feel like its my fault for setting you up with you know who. I'm sorry. I hope you're doing your best there okay? See you after HELL ends okay?

 See? I've great awesome friends.
I want to take a great opportunity to thank them for everything.




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