Saturday, August 11, 2012

You've known I've been.......


It's me again...
I've been depressed these days and I'm just getting more crazy lately.
I just don't know why I felt like I'm alone.
I just wanna cry.
I felt like no one understands me the way I am.
I'm a happy person in with my friends in school & tuition.Because I hate people to see me sad.
But when I'm at outside,alone quiet in my own house. 
I feel all there bad emotions crept inside me.
I feel like there is a burden. A BIG HEAVY ONE.
I hide it from my parents. But I tell them just like whining I'm depressed, but they thought I'm just complaining with all stress when I really am depressed.
I just felt overwhelmed.
I escaped with reading, Big Bang and internet to escape everything.
 Because I feel like this is my anti-depressant.
But in fact I'm still alone. I'm just when I hear that word. I feel like there is a burden.
A weight is that is stressing my back. 
I feel like I want to escape. Somewhere...
Far..cause I don't wanna feel this.
I want to escape.Especially this....
Although I'm not lonely, I feel like I am.
I felt like there is a black void there.
I hate where I am.
I'm trying.......
I'm just........
I'm just depressed. Ignore me. Nobody cares right? :'(


I don't cut myself. But others are something are I'm sorry about.


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