Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hell people as I promised I will post out fan acc on MY ALIVE TOUR EXPERIENCE

On 26/7/2012
I was supposed to overnight to for the concert event but my mum scolded me early the morning and it sucks --" T^T I cried so badly till I call my friend, Joey Choi to ask her to take care of my friend that I was supposed to overnight with -.-" with Ayu. So Ayu was like really scared you know she was like all nervous so after all the crying . I decided to accompany here by bringing my bags all and call my dear Kak Scha to take care of Ayu. Ayu board the bus from IOI Mall to KL Sentral. One thing I was angry, I left my beanie when I leave the bus. But whatever happens still have to go Maharajalela Station there right? So when we arrive at the venue I finally saw Sis Joey and her friend. I introduced myself and at first it was really awkward then I got to know Kak Zaty, Maxine, Sky, and some guy. There is already fans waiting there early the morning but the saddest thing was, when I arrived at Stadium Merdeka there is like ticketing sales for 2NE1 New Evolution Tour Concert in Malaysia. I thought at first the place gonna be full with Blackjacks or something just like BIGBANG's ticket event but there is like nothing man? No people overnight plus I can even go the 2NE1 concert if I want to but I don't wanna waste so much money on another fandom. BIGBANG is enough already. So after that we saw the all mighty signature BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR POSTER. I snapped some photos there with Ayu haha like batak people like lah..plus its our 1st concert experience right why not have some fun. So after some few photos, I noticed there is not many things done yet. Especially the booth, but then I went to teman my sis go to toilet and there is like Korean staff there that speaks Korean..Joey sis was like greeting to them I there was standing awkwardly. They were complaining why the toilet did not have the squat one and everything (cuz majority all the toilet is sitted ones) . I was actually understanding them talking in Korean and everything. Lol maybe its the body languages and some k-dramas really help me haha. I even met a JVIPs who is Saren and her friend whom I dont really know, the girl who draws BIGBANG CHARACTER IN SIMPSONS Version. I was like I met her and she was really really pretty. She looks cute :). Oh yeah and I saw the Rehearsal Passes that Sis Joey won O.O. SUPER JELLY! THEY CAN SEE THEM EARLY MAN T^T. Haihh i entered but then I didn't like win it. But hey positive thoughts at least I get to the concert.Then I told VIPs there I leave my belongings there and Ayu will take care of it they were sporting seriously they say okay and all.

So after spending some few hours touring around. At 1 pm I decided to go back home, but then I decided to go to my dad's shop. Luckily when I stopped at KL Sentral the bus is already there so  I was just texting in the bus worrying bout Ayu and all. I fast forward till at night..

27/10/2012 -D-day
Gia texted me that she can send me early to Stadium Merdeka I was super happy.But touched as well because I barely know her and she came all the way from Damansara just to pick up and to my house its not easy okay :( But I did the most craziest thing with her is to go out from the house at 4 am just to go Stadium Merdeka. When I arrived there, I saw many people were sleeping there and I found Ayu. She was sleeping poor her :( cause I was worried she was cold or something. There is guys and girls I was so sleepy. there is a cute guy who cosplays GD. I don't know his name but he is very cute. Then I saw Zaren and her friend were sleeping there too. She looks pretty.

So rise and shine and I see all the admins from Kak Zaty, Kak Bahir, Kak Nat, Admin Migo, Lulu and whole lot more..So the days passed we start by touring the back area and they are stalls selling non official goodies. I was so tempted to buy but as I arrive to the back area there is so many stalls till I'm like whatever (actually I was saving to pay the banner all). I saw the concert stage as well it was really small to see them from a far. --" lucky I am CAT 2  lol.



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