Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BYE BYE 2012! HELLO 2013

Hello~~~~~!!!!! My patient and silent lovers readers from this blog from all around the world. Gosh I miss you all. Firstly I wanna wish you all
Thank you all for reading problems. Reading the lonely blog. reading this crap of mine. Reading all those shitz I went trough last year. Thank you all for being in my journey. So what have I been for this whole December? Well wasn't much, I had to take my driving lesson course, celebrate my awesome 17th Birthday with my best friends, celebrate my Riri's Bday!!! I had an so far awesome n crazy year for 2012 :)! The best thing happened to me for 2012 is meeting BIGBANG! I couldn't be more happy fangirl. And all those hardship I faced was worth it :D This year I learnt that I just wanna be happy and healthy for my new year resolution. Find a job, do what I wanna do that makes me a happy person. Finish my driving lesson n that is it. Then I wanna work hard for my parents. I hope. I will try blogging frequently and work hard as admins for BBVIPMY & BIGBANGSTORIES. I'll do a revamp on my blog soon but dunno when consider i m always being nerdish watching fancams, reading fanfics, and tweeting!! but hey do anyone have instagram? FOLLOW ME IN MY INSTA ------> imjoeyhon :) promise i'll follow you all back kkk I will have a widget for my insta soon so hold on okay. Okay thank you all for reading my post!! Wish you all have a blessed n wonderful year ahead!!! Go CRAYYY! PYONGGG!!!

Joey Hon :)


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